The Mission

The world is in crisis like never before, and as people around us suffer and struggle it is in our nature to want to go and help them however we can.

It has been said that in times of crisis our availability is more important than our ability. True… to a point. To be available and effective requires a certain amount of ability: our mission is to help equip and empower people with a level of ability, and support them as they step out to help others.


‘Mission’ Support – is it religious?

No. And yes.

The founder members of Mission Support Inc. all come from a Chaplaincy background, and have experience including emergency services, medical response and overseas community development work. Members have deployed to major natural disasters in the past few years, including the Victoria fires in 2009, Haiti and Christchurch earthquakes and Hurricane Sandy, which hit the US in late 2012 – to name just a few.

The world is getting more used to the idea of Chaplaincy, both in the community and the workplace. An effective Chaplain needs to have well-developed crisis intervention skills, and as such Mission Support will encourage CISM training in chaplaincy and ministry-related organisations.

The initial CISM training has no spiritual content, however there is chaplain specific training available for those who are interested – but generally requires the initial course as a pre-requisite.